Scott Plaskett talks about his experience as an NPC customer during his Fee-Based Financial Planning podcast


February 2012

Scott Plaskett: "Guess what… it happened to me. My wife’s computer completely crashed – hard drive stopped. Couldn’t reboot, couldn’t do anything, couldn’t get it back up. It was done.

We have all of our PC’s managed for us by a company called No Panic Computing and … everything that they said they were going to do, they did. Everything that they promised to do, [they] have come through on. I mean, it’s an amazing experience to know that somebody’s really watching your back when it comes to your computers.

They found a couple of other things wrong with her machine so they just replaced it, took the actual back up that she had done the day before, put it all back on her machine.

It’s as if [the hard drive crash] never [happened]. It’s running so smooth right now and she’s basically working on it as if she’s not skipped a beat. I didn’t have to do a thing to it. The machine is running as fast or better than it did when we first had it. 

Definitely touch base with No Panic Computing if you’re looking at a computer solution because they will give you great machines, great service and as I say, this isn’t a commercial for them, but man they really got me and my computers out of a hole and made the experience fantastic."